5 Corporate Gift Ideas to Reward your Long-Serving Employees

Did you know the average amount of time an employee stays with a company is 4.1 years?

The fact is, we live in a time where longevity and employment don’t go hand in hand. Professionals are typically encouraged to not stay in a job too long these days.

So, when you find that pivotal team member who’s stuck with you for the long haul, you should show your appreciation with a meaningful corporate gift.

But these longstanding team members have become staples in the office for a reason. Namely, they’re indispensable and have amassed plenty of success in your organization. And they’ve likely enjoyed many of your luxury corporate gift offerings throughout their tenure. 

Beyond that, this special person is likely doing pretty well in their life as a legacy team member–something probably reflected in their salary. So, they’ve enjoyed plenty of other gifts or have bought their share of valuable material items.

A group of employees having a meeting at a conference room table in a clean, modern office.

Given the above context, corporate gifting ideas can be extremely difficult to brainstorm (but no less crucial). Especially when providing unique gifts for employees who’ve performed at a high level for a long time. 

Read on as we examine corporate gift ideas for employees who’ve stood the test of time.

Strongly Consider Working with Professional Corporate Gifting Companies

You might be a master gifter. And if you are, feel free to disregard this disclaimer. However, you’re already balancing a million responsibilities as a corporate leader. Trying to brainstorm the perfect corporate gifts for longstanding employees–who already have plenty to begin with–is a tall order. 

Make your life easier by working alongside one of the many corporate gifting companies out there. These organizations specialize in creative, meaningful corporate gifting ideas for cherished team members. More importantly, they’ll allow you to focus more on your leadership tasks. 

1. Zen Garden Kit

Corporate gifting and unique executive gifts can be more about symbolic meaning than about what you spend on them. 

To that point, any corporate gifts meaning you care about your top employee’s wellbeing will convey your human and compassionate side. For instance, a Beach Zen Garden Kit will brighten up a veteran employee’s desk and their workday with its trademark bright blue sand, lighthouses, and stingrays. 

Gardens in corporate offices are said to improve employee health and wellbeing, and the eclectic design of the Zen Kit adds a unique twist. 

2. Unique Corporate Gift Basket

Really, corporate gifting ideas like this one set you apart as an empathetic employer instead of someone who doles out random gift cards–for instance–without much thought. 

Personalized corporate gifts for employees who’ve performed well for a long time should be a relatively frequent occurrence. These could even be small gestures to reinforce that top team member’s value to your company. 

However, there are milestones for your longstanding superstars that deserve a bit more pomp and circumstance. Whether an anniversary, conquering a sales goal or anything in between, luxury branded gifts can help elevate the occasion. 

One example is Caroo’s VIP corporate gift boxes, including high-end goodies such as a Bluetooth speaker, a deluxe bag, and a mug that self heats. Better yet, everything arrives with your company’s branding. 

3. Branded Made-to-Order Snack Collection

On the subject of unique corporate gift baskets, SnackMagic offers collections–from made-to-order to curated–that can include your own corporate branding.

Large SnackMagic box full of treats, snacks, and custom gifts.

And as we mentioned, you can customize our boxes with an array of our 1000+ lip-smacking snacks, which can still fit even the most stringent budget. 

Another idea that’ll fit your budget is assembling a movie night box. This typically involves a gift card to your team member’s favorite streaming service. And it can be bolstered by adding either of the snacking options mentioned above!

Try this idea out for size: look up “corporate gifts food” on the internet. You’ll find inventive ideas to reward long-term employees that’ll warm their bellies and hearts but won’t break your budget.

4. Customized Swag

We also design customized swag to further key into the luxury, branded corporate gifts experience. 

These customized corporate gifts and promotional corporate gifts serve two purposes–increasing employee retention and bolstering your brand recognition. Meaning even your gifting can be efficient in the business world. 

Just because you’re running a business or corporation doesn’t mean you can blow through your budget, spending on unique corporate gifts. 

Also, just because you’re thinking of gift ideas for employees on a budget doesn’t mean your gift won’t knock it out of the park.

5. Twice Baked Cherry White Chunk Cookies

Take our Cherry White Chunk Twice Baked Cookies, for example. They aren’t even $6.00 but are bound to satisfy the appetite and validate any longstanding employee. Don’t get us wrong–celebrating someone’s 10th anniversary with a bag of cookies might not be the ticket. But as a nice gesture throughout the week, you can’t go wrong with delicious, nutritious treats. 

Large group of employees enjoying snacks and each other's company.

It’s not enough to pick randomly from a list of corporate gifting companies. Instead, you should be choosing from the cream of the crop.

Speaking of which, SnackMagic is a heavyweight in the corporate gifting sector, offering delicious, healthy, digitally branded experiences in physical and remote office spaces. Learn more about us today if you’re looking for the ideal corporate gifting solution for your legacy employees. 


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