With the monsoon set off in parts of India, Snack & Give Back initiative in June was dedicated to bringing happiness with the comfort of all-time favorite local snacks.

This month’s snacks, tasted & hand picked by our local partner, added to the zest of the rains.

Each SnackMagic bundle of joy included:

Ratlami Sev – These are crispy fried sticks made with protein-rich chickpea flour and some added Indian-origin secret spices such as black pepper which make it the best tea-time spicy snack. It is consumed in central India but you see its demand all over the country. A dash of this is sure to boring food an instant twist!

Papdi Ghathya – This is a simple yet tasty snack item for multipurpose use. It is made of besan i.e. gram flour and spices. It can be stored for a long time and is one of the most preferred snacks in Western India. It is salty, soft, and easy to chew, which makes it the perfect tea companion for children and the elderly.

Cream Roll – This snack is the perfect grab-on-the-go sweet munchie. It has a crusty outer layer with a cream-filled center that simply melts in your mouth on each bite. In India, you are bound to find cream rolls in canteens, and local shops outside schools/colleges across Indian urban & rural towns. These days it has become more like a nostalgia snack but children adore it as much as adults who were children back in the 60s too.

Cake – The classic chocolate cake is universally an irresistible snack that makes people fall in love with it again and again.

Masala Potato Wafers – Crispy, crunch and tasty…is all there is to it with a pinch of the desi Indian spicy masala. You simply can’t have just one…

Mothers and Children at Bhayli village, Gujarat eagerly accept their bundles of joy
Children at Aklav village, Gujarat wanting to grab their SnackMagic bundles
Rani, 13, a young girl chats with the local partner on where they come from
Children from Aklav village, pose for a group picture with their snack bundles
Handing out snacks to innocent children at Bhayli village, Gujarat
Young girls from Bhaili khadiyo vista, Gokulpura come to receive their snacks
The joy of giving happiness to others is seen on the local partners face
Happy times are here in Bhayli village for children of farmers
A young boy accepts his SnackMagic treats


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