Watch The Story of SnackMagic EP6: Strengthening Our Moat: Adding Layers to the Cake

Snacks, swag, and conferences. An obvious combination pre-pandemic, but how does one recreate that same feeling when everything is virtual now? We jumped at the chance to take on that challenge of filling the void of in-office offerings.

Watch EP6: Strengthening Our Moat: Adding Layers to the Cake, where we introduce a new product to our menu–custom swag–in an attempt to cater to our corporate customer base. In this episode, our team does what we do best: listen to customers.

“Maybe we were too nice, but we really started growing our offering there simply by listening to our customers.”

From $0/day in April 2020 to $20MM Annual Revenue Rate in December 2020, this is The Story of SnackMagic.

Watch the rest of the series here. 


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