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Holiday Cocktail Bundle

Any holiday you are celebrating this season, this cocktail deserves a place on your table. Recipe:Combine sweet red wine and 1pt Mulled Red Blend and honey/sugar (to taste) and/or Brandy/Aquavit (optional) in a medium saucepan. Gently warm, stirring occasionally for 20-30 minutes. Do not boil. Strain the 1pt blend and...

For Santa Bundle

Looking for a new way to keep the tradition of milk and cookies for Santa alive? Surprise your family by creating a unique Santa cookie tray so that Santa won't miss his goodies. Just imagine the excitement in the kid's faces as they carefully put cookies and milk on...

Stocking Stuffers Bundle

No need to go to the dollar store this year (we mean, wait for Santa*)We've rounded up a sweet variety pack of some of our favorite stocking stuffers treats, as well as one mystery accessory that will for sure stoke out the special peops on your list. This bundle...

8 Crazy Nights Bundle

Let's celebrate the miracle of light. A collection of items that highlight the Chanukkah oil that wouldn't burn out and provides plenty of treats for an all-nighter of dreidel. What's included in the bundle: Sea Salt PopcornMano's - Lightly SaltedSea Salt & Vinegar ChipsEthel's - BlondieBim Bom Hard CandyWOW Doughnut (Please note...

Cauli Appetizer Bundle

Miss "socializing" (hor d'oeurves)? We've got a bundle for that. Toss all ingredients (sauce and hot sauce amounts to your liking) together in a pan stovetop until heated through for an at-home appetizer that will make you feel fancy again. What's included in the bundle: Sweet Chilli Thai SauceSteamed & Marinated CauliflowerPeanuts (Please...
And in the morning... Get your waffle iron and at-home food photoshoot ready, this bundle will turn into the most picture-perfect breakfast you can imagine, and since we're WFH, you have time. Recipe:1. Waffles & Ice Cream go really well together, just saying.2. Whipped cream and/ or (and) powdered sugar are...

Sweet & Salty Snack Mix

We made a snack out of snacks. Recipe:Start by melting down the chocolate by boiling a small pot of water and placing chocolate in a stovetop safe dish on top. Once liquid combine in a bowl with popcorn, pretzels, and pecans until evenly coated. Place in fridge to set and...

Take a Hike Bundle

Nothing can slow you down, these snacks will fuel you to the peak, and you don't even have to stop to eat (we won't tell if you do, though). What’s included in the bundle: Energy BarHydration Drink Single Serve Mix Protein BarsTrail Mix (Please note exact brands may vary based on stock availability).

Pizza Toppers Bundle

Instead of the same delivery on speed dial, try an at-home pizza night - we promise, it will be worth the effort. Too much work? We know cooking is hard, we're here to help.  You can also simply use the items in this bundle to create your perfect (delivered) slice...

Campfire Bundle

You'll be belting kumbaya and rattling off ghost stories with ease while diving into this bundle. To be used by a tent on a campground, or glamping in your backyard. We don't care - as long as there are s'mores. What’s included in the bundle: Pour Over CoffeeBottled WaterSnack MixS'Mores Trail Mix (Please...