So much can happen in two months but SnackMagic has proven that anything is possible

Armed with a great team, devoted clients, and the perseverance to overcome major obstacles, SnackMagic made the magic happen in 2020. When COVID-19 hit, companies were faced with the challenge of maintaining their relationships with all their employees, as well as clients who are now working remotely. 

With so much of the future uncertain, SnackMagic was born out of the adaptive, problem-solving ethos that STADIUM–SnackMagic’s parent company–established to create such a successful business. 

Founded in 2013, STADIUM has been providing customizable team and client lunches with the flexibility for individuals to choose several different items across many restaurants menus and hand-deliver those meals together right to the company’s office. So what happens when there are empty offices? 

With restaurants shutting down, lack of delivery drivers, and everyone getting shut into their homes for an indefinite period, delivered meals simply did not work at the time. So STADIUM did what they do best: they started coming up with solutions. 

The transition from STADIUM to the SnackMagic was seamless being that not much was needed to be changed about the model. What they realized was that 70% of their customer base was already purchasing two or more snacks and beverages as add-on costs to their meal orders. Additionally, STADIUM customers were already devoted to the brand, so there was no building a client-base from scratch. People were just happy to still receive perks from their job, especially in such a strange and uncertain time. Who doesn’t want fun and unique snacks shipped right to their door?

“We’re on the cutting edge of snacks-if you will,”  says Shaunak Amin, founder, and CEO of STADIUM. “Our team is obsessed with finding things you don’t see on every store shelf out there.”

SnackMagic also stands out from other snack packing companies because of the flexibility that comes with choosing your own snack and beverage items. “SnackMagic adapts everyone’s favorite work perk—free food—to the new world of remote working,” says Shaunak Amin, founder, and CEO of STADIUM. “And it does so with a level of customization only STADIUM can provide.”

SnackMagic has proven that they are able to think on their toes in such a chaotic time, but they have also shown that they are here to boost morale for not just companies, but front-line workers who need the most support out of everyone right now. In response to the COVID pandemic and in support of New York City, SnackMagic will donate a snack to an NYC healthcare provider, first responder, or essential worker for every snack stash ordered.

If you want to learn more about SnackMagic or to donate a box to front-line workers, send an email over to


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