What do football and cookies have in common? 

Finger Lickin Dutch Stroopwafels! Duhhh…

In this week’s SnackBreak podcast, we spoke with John Bronson, co-founder of Finger Licking Dutch Stroopwafels and former NFL Player for the Arizona Cardinals.

Bronson takes us through his journey from playing in the NFL to importing delicious Stroopwafels from Holland. We talk about his love for travel, product development, and the many ways to enjoy Stroopwafels. 

About SnackBreak

SnackBreak is a podcast by SnackMagic where we’ll be having conversations with leaders in CPG snack space. This podcast is dedicated to thoughtful discourse around pivoting strategies and companies tactics to adapt to the ever-changing new normal.We’ll be discussing everything from founder’s stories and product innovation, to customer use cases, to chats with our own expert team on new product iterations and business updates. Our conversations will intersect at the center of culture, innovation, and life in the CPG snack industry.

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