With a team scattered around the world, Amplitude needed a universal at-home food concession to fill the void of their robust catering program they enjoyed in their offices before COVID-19

Employees: 360
Industry: Product Analytics


1. Amplitude was in need of a monthly employee perk that could be sent to everyone on their global team
2. SnackMagic’s global operation allowed Amplitude to centralize control to a single user-friendly platform and provided unique customization to teams all over the world
3. SnackMagic fully integrated into the company’s culture and continues to be a perk that employees look forward to

How it Began

Amplitude’s leading product intelligence platform helps companies use their customer data to build great product experiences for digital growth. As the need for product analytics has skyrocketed this year, Amplitude has been actively bringing on new faces to the global team that has completely shifted to work from home. “We are undergoing a big hiring surge as the world moves to digital. Everything is taking a turn towards virtual, so it’s been really great for us. Our goal is to help companies build better products, and something that’s very important to Amplitude is culture,” said Office Manager, Camille Mumbach.”We’re currently 360 people as of today, and by this time next year, we will be approaching 500 employees.” With an ever-growing list of new employees, Amplitude was in need of an at-home employee perk to bring together their team that is scattered throughout the world. 

How Company Came to Us

Like many other organizations prior to COVID-19, Amplitude had in-office food concessions for their employees to enjoy throughout the day. “Pre­covid, we had a very robust snack and meal program. We had over 400 SKUs in our offices at HQ at least and our smaller offices were hovering around the 200 mark for SKUs in terms of snacks available at the office. We served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and since we shifted to work from home, we had to really consider all of our options in regards to dietary restrictions and people’s preferences,” explained Camille Mumbach. The shift to work from home prompted many details to consider in terms of how to keep employees fed while working from home, but especially with a team scatted throughout the world, finding and distributing an employee perk that everyone could receive is a huge challenge for many organizations. SnackMagic is the ideal solution for a recurring global employee perk because the service is internationally accessible. Moreover, the competitive price point starting at just $45 includes free shipping. “One of the reasons we chose SnackMagic was because they were able to service all of our employees. We have folks in the EMEA and APAC market, so Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris, Amsterdam, as well as domestically in the United States, sprinkled throughout the country, but the bulk of our domestic employees are on the West Coast.”

SnackMagic is a unique employee perk because it’s the only 100% customizable snack box service. Our wide-scale B2B operation provides complete satisfaction to our end-user clients because they have the power to choose exactly what they want with little to no effort on the Office Manager side. “I looked at other snack box delivery services to see what my options were and SnackMagic seemed like the best choice. My husband actually works for a tech company as well and they get snacks from a different snack box service, but it’s kind of annoying because he has no control over what they send him, so whether it’s a diet preference or just something we don’t like, it ends up just sitting in our pantry forever,” said Camille. “The reason we chose SnackMagc was the control our employees had over what they were actually purchasing. These days, the idea of food waste just doesn’t really sit right with me and I know that if I were to order a box for someone, I would either miss a dietary restriction or just send them something that they weren’t really that into.” Shifting the control of the snack box contents from the gift giver to the gift receiver completely eliminates the chance of error and wasted food. With SnackMagic, employees are able to pick exactly what they want with our menu that allows users to filter snacks by dietary restriction and they can enter the correct address they’d like their box sent to. “The level of control our employees have over the boxes is a huge sell. I think especially because of how robust our program was before we started working from home, if we were to order a set of a dozen snacks for everyone, there would always be someone who felt left out or someone who wasn’t happy with what was in their box and things would just go stale in pantries all over the world, literally.”

The Outcome of The Partnership

Thanks to SnackMagic, Amplitude employees have something special to look forward to every month and no one on the team is excluded due to their location or dietary restrictions. “Everyone’s really stoked on the product, but our international employees really enjoy it because they’re getting American snacks they can’t usually find overseas,” said Camille. “I think that the excitement everyone gets each month with their redemption link and being able to browse through this really expansive, diverse menu has been a real morale booster. We actually launched it as a test after a very successful quarter, so we wanted to send it to everyone for doing such great work. It became very clear that if we didn’t bring it back on a regular basis, we would likely have a virtual riot. Giving our employees the power to choose what we’re sending to them and ensuring there is no waste afterward has been the biggest push for us, and the free shipping doesn’t hurt.” 

On the backend of sending out at-home employee perks, the idea of collecting addresses, curating the contents to meet the needs of each employee, and just making sure everyone is satisfied is a tedious task for even the most experienced planner. SnackMagic centralizes all those details into one user-friendly platform. “I think the ease of accessibility for our employees has been really big for me on the back end. All I have to do is maintain a list of emails, which is pretty easy, even considering the fact that we’re bringing on between 15 and 30 people every month. It’s pretty simple to just add emails to that spreadsheet and have it go off. Plus, the fact that we can share a link and they can be authorized to choose their box based on their business email has been really an easy lift on the administrative side for me. If somehow I missed someone’s email or it goes to spam, we blast the link in a Slack channel called Food Noms and everyone can just click in there in case they didn’t see it in their inbox, so really a weight off my shoulders,” explained Camille. “The user experience is really nice too. The actual platform that folks use to pick out their boxes is super easy to navigate and people really look forward to it, so I would definitely say that level of control that our employees have in choosing what we send to them is the biggest factor in us being able to work successfully with SnackMagic.”

With the use of the Treats Dashboard, planners like Camille can see who has redeemed their box, view any Thank You notes, and can access relevant analytics that can be shared with their team, which facilitates employee connection. “I use the Treats Dashboard to see what the most popular snacks are with analytics on the platform and we share that on a monthly basis. For example, it would be like, ‘Last month, this is what everyone ordered,’ so people can talk about it and say ‘Oh, I didn’t like that,’ or ‘How did this not make it?’ It creates a really good little community for our group of foodies. Everyone at Amplitude loves to eat, so I think that any chance we have should bring a common denominator back to our employees while they’re working virtually. It gives someone something to have in common with someone else they maybe haven’t spoken to on a Zoom call yet. It also gives them a chance to interact with someone on the Slack channel that’s in their cross­team day-to-day function, I think that that is priceless.” As a delicious touchpoint, SnackMagic can serve as a great icebreaker for new employees. 

The Amplitude staff has welcomed SnackMagic into their company culture and they even have their own Slack channel where they can recommend and review different snacks to each other. “Before COVID, our Food Noms Slack channel was used to comment, give feedback on our catered meals, and submit requests for snacks that people might wanna see in the office. In a COVID world, it’s turned into people recommending snacks from SnackMagic,” said Camille. As a service that can seamlessly integrate into any company culture, SnackMagic is morale boosting tool that is easy to manage and even easier to eat! “We love SnackMagic and we love the products. On my side, it’s just such an easy tool to use and I never have to worry about whether or not someone’s getting what they like, so I’m thankful for SnackMagic just because I no longer have to worry about navigating the dozens of restrictions we have within our global company, so thank you SnackMagic!”


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