The global pandemic has caused many organizations to adopt a culture of working from home for their employees. Since the majority of us are working from home in comfy sweatpants, that insatiable desire to indulge in some munching has become more and more frequent. That’s where some readily available snacks and beverages can come to the rescue. 

With closed schools and offices and people working from home, it’s easier now than ever to rely on ready-to-eat options that are safe to store for longer periods of time. Pandemic aside, the prevailing trend has already seen full meals being replaced with smaller snacks and on the go options catering to a fast-paced lifestyle. With this growing demand for snacks, snack delivery has taken center stage and snack boxes are pushing a new frontier in the food industry.  

Keeping close tabs on the growing trends, the team at STADIUM saw this as a great time to start the brand new service known as “SnackMagic” which delivers snacks and beverages right to your doorstep, including free Nationwide shipping. Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to boost the morale of your employees by treating your remote team, an account manager sending a gift to clients/pals, or an individual who wants to order snacks for family and friends, SnackMagic has a variety of options for you. 

But there are multiple snack delivery services that have popped up in the market, so why should you go for SnackMagic?

Well, what do you exactly look for in a perfect snack box? Variety, right? 

With SnackMagic you’ll not only get an assortment of some of the best snacks from a wide range of 500 unique snacks but it also gives you the liberty of creating your own snack stash with your favorite snacks and beverages. We’re different from the typical snack box program. We don’t fill your box up with preselected and generic options, rather, we let YOU customize the box with YOUR favorite snacks or simply ones you’re curious about. We do also have pre-curated snack medleys suggested by tastemakers if you’re in a rush. We also have a wide range of beverages that you can club and enjoy with your favorite snacks.

And if you didn’t think snacks were newsworthy, think again as The Wall Street Journal showcased Snackmagic as the perfect way to maintain employee wellness in these uncertain times.

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or are looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free snacks, SnackMagic has a menu for every kind of snack lover. Thanks to our team of tastemakers we have sourced some of the best local and national snacks that include chips, puffs, bars & bites, dried fruits & nuts, chocolates & candies, cookies & baked goods and much more.

Aside from the selection, SnackMagic’s technology keeps the ordering process super simple. Sign up with your Email, select, and add your favorite snacks and beverages from the available menu, checkout, and add an address. The customized Snack box will be delivered right at your doorstep. There are no subscriptions and no obligations or fees. Just good quality snacks 🙂

So go healthy or indulgent, sweet or savory, familiar or foreign, and spice up your snack life for you and your family or employees.

Happy Snacking!


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