Want to know the exhilarating story of how we started SnackMagic only 10 short months ago?

What started as a B2B food delivery service called STADIUM, SnackMagic was born practically overnight as we pivoted our model to match the times we are living in. From $0/day in April 2020 to $20MM Annual Run Rate by December 2020, this is how SnackMagic launched in just 2 months. 

“We’re not the kind of team that waits for things to get better.”

In Episode 1, we go back in time to when COVID-19 first hit NYC. STADIUM has to shut down overnight, just when the company hits its highest revenue. Everyone was affected: our clients, our partners, the runners, employees, and of course–our business. After a month of brainstorming and prototyping ideas, STADIUM decided to pivot from delivering lunches to shipping snacks and beverages.

Follow the story in our new video series: The Story of SnackMagic. Episodes will be released every Monday.

Stay tuned for Episode 2: Launch that will be live on 1/18.


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