SnackMagic isn’t a company with a culture. We are a culture with a company. Before we sold snacks, it was lunch but besides the name and the munchies being changed, our mission and our values have stayed consistent over the years.

The true magic of SnackMagic lies within our values. At our core, we are a startup and our startup consists of some amazing, intelligent and creative people. We are all diverse in our background, work history and bring different skills to the table. But we all abide by the same values which help to guide our company towards success.

Here are SnackMagic’s company values that truly define our culture:

Be a Problem Solver (Cow in a Ditch)

Our favorite analogy at SnackMagic is the cow in a ditch story. Every single member of the company can recite it to you and it goes like this:

When there’s a cow in a ditch, we get it out — fast. 

Then we figure out how the cow got in the ditch in the first place. 

Then we decide what to do to make sure that the cow never gets back in the ditch again.

It’s simple, problems are inevitable, we are bound to come across obstacles. We act fast, deduce how this problem came to be, and act accordingly to prevent the problem from happening again. And of course…because nobody likes a cow in a ditch.

Cut to the Chase

Nobody likes sugar-coating. Period. Our team is honest and concise with what we say to one another. We are straight to the point with one another on a daily basis. We work hard every day and have no time for unnecessarily long, multi-paragraph emails where you only need 2-3 sentences to get to your point. It’s good to be polite and formal, but it’s better to be transparent and straightforward with the people you work with. Cutting to the chase is necessary to keep our cogs rolling and our machine running.

Stay Confidently Humble 

There are no egos at SnackMagic. Regardless of position, seniority, or previous experience, everyone in our company is valued and positively contributes to our success. It is important to know your worth as an individual and be confident in your ability, but you can always be better. We are life-long learners who recognize that we can always be doing better and are consistently improving ourselves every day.

We all make mistakes as well. Yes, I know, crazy right? We’re human! Mistakes are bound to happen no matter how skilled or experienced you may be, it’s natural. We just admit when we are wrong and move on. Albert Einstein once said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. Similarly, if you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t moving fast enough. We recognize our mistakes, admit fault and brainstorm a process on how to help others from making the same mistake. 

Welcome Change

Change is part of our DNA at SnackMagic. Just look at us a year and a half ago– you can’t, we didn’t exist! Pre-pandemic, our company was Stadium Inc. and we were an office lunch delivery company based solely in Manhattan. Then, literally overnight, our business model was flipped on its head and we were back to the drawing board. We were forced to pivot and we didn’t only survive, we thrived with SnackMagic.

Our team does the same thing individually as we did organizationally back in April of 2020. We are malleable and adapt with the times. We are constantly iterating ourselves to be the best we can be and to keep up with the ever-changing times. After all, change is the only constant in life. And without change, wouldn’t life be boring?

Team First

We are not just a company, we are a team. This may sound cheesy but it’s the truth. We are all team players who respect each other and our opinions regardless of how long we have been in the company or even the workforce. We understand everyone brings something new to the table and encourage anyone and everyone to show their cards. Office politics simply don’t exist, no one is better or worse than someone else, we are a meritocracy at our core. We value one another and listen to each other no matter their position. This keeps our company going, giving us fresh perspectives on things by opening the dialogue up to everyone to contribute.

These values are at the heart of our team and we strive to put them in practice everyday. They very much define SnackMagic and we hope to continue to live by them for years to come.


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