ClickUp has one thing to make clear: content is king, and production should be shared

In this episode of SnackBreak, we sit down with Chris Cunningham, Brand Strategist and Founding Member of ClickUp, a platform designed to increase team’s productivity. This was an obvious conversation as we’re both in the business of keeping teams productive, whether it’s snacks or a digital platform. Cunningham divulges into ClickUps massive content team that he’s made available to other companies he works with (including SnackMagic). We chat about the power of content as a partnership tool and the innovative methods he uses to attract new out-of-the-box partnerships. 

About SnackBreak

This is a podcast by SnackMagic, where we’ll be having conversations with leaders in CPG snack space. This podcast is dedicated to thoughtful discourse around pivoting strategies and companies tactics to adapt to the ever-changing new normal. We’ll be discussing everything from founder’s stories and product innovation, to customer use cases, to chats with our own expert team on new product iterations and business updates. Our conversations will intersect at the center of culture, innovation, and life in the CPG snack industry.

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