During the current pandemic of 2021, Snack & Give Back reached out to the elderly to connect, comfort, and give them a cozy feeling through their favorite nostalgic snacks.

To reach this audience was a challenge with most old age homes barred entry of outsiders in a bid to keep disease at bay. Yet, the local partners of the Snack & Give Back initiative hand-picked some tasty snacks that brought smiles, and joy.

“Everyone I know is looking for solace, hope, and a tasty snack” – Maira Kalman, the painter, illustrator, and author quotes. And here are some glimpses which make us feel the same way… 

An awesome snack stash with mouth watering local delights

Here are some snippets of the spread of love at Swarg Comunity Care, Kadji Care, Shantilal Mohanlal Shah Ashaktashram, and other old age homes in Gujarat, India.

Care takers at Kadji care receiving their snacks
Oodles of Care and Comfort
Caring for the care givers at Swarg Community Care
Anytime is Snacking time
Spreading Happiness at Kadji Care
Snacks delivered at Shantilal M Shah Ashaktashram Society
Child like innocent joy of snacking


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