I am Hélène and I was born in Amsterdam, Holland. I worked for 9 years all over the world looking for the best place to open up my restaurant. I chose to settle in Spain and have already been here for 20 years. In 2019 we went through the global pandemic, Covid-19 and I had to temporarily close my restaurant, Vino Milo. I did not sit back and wait or even give up, I took immediate action with my idea and started a new business Planeta Detalles, which would be an online gift shop.

Together with my friend Johanna, Abel and Yissie we form the Planeta team! Johanna was born in Venezuela and also came to Malaga, Spain in 2001. She is a professional graphic designer and enjoys photography. Abel was born in Malaga, Spain, and has been traveling in Spain for a decade, building stages and he works so well on the computer. Yisse was born in Havana, Cuba, and came to Malaga 2 years ago. In Cuba, she worked as a waitress, a model and she studied languages. She loves cooking, which is a real treat for us!

Johanna built our online store, by taking photos of our gift baskets presented in beautiful wicker baskets. Our philosophy is “Kaizen”, meaning we will always push ourselves to get better and to grow. Our name, “Planeta Detalles”’, means that the details are very important to us. We love doing something extra to make sure that the client is always happy, even exceeding all expectations! 

Soon after starting Planeta Detalles,  we had the chance to partner with this great company called SnackMagic! As they were just starting out in Europe, we became their international partner, and just like that, we felt part of this awesome global team! After just a few months of working with them, the orders were pouring in, so we needed more space. We moved from working out of my apartment and found the perfect location for the business, in Malaga city. One part of the space is an office, the second part is the workplace where we pack all our boxes and in the back, we have storage for all our fantastic products. 


Let me share our schedule with you so you can see how organized you need to be, but also how simple the processes are to partner with SnackMagic. We begin at 9:30 am every day, and start off by getting our ideas together, to-do lists, and whatever else needs to be discussed for that day to ensure streamlined processes. We check our orders for the day via Shopify, and from that list carefully prepare the boxes for the shipment. The shipping company comes to pick up the boxes around 2 pm. Some of our suppliers visit us once a week, we review and order the necessary products. Other items we order directly from the manufacturers. Around 3 pm we have a break to get our energy levels back up, so we have the strength to continue our day, always giving 110%!  Then it is time to check if anything needs to be verified, or we need to gather information on certain orders/shipments for SnackMagic to ensure great customer service and feedback is done and resolved as soon as possible. 

Such a rewarding part of our day is receiving pictures from customers who enjoyed cooking Paella from our DIY Paella box, making a cake from our No-Bake Oreo Cake box and this truly inspires us to come up with new ideas and takes me to the next step. This is just as important and the task we enjoy the most! Each week we make time to create and design new themes for the boxes and baskets. We share ideas, news, select items, and snacks. We send this to our WhatsApp group with the International team at SnackMagic and getting their comments, seeing all the emojis, even hearing their ideas or opinions to get our boxes looking even better, makes our day! When we finish, around 7:30, we clean, tidy, and get prepared for a new day before we close the office.

I have heard we are known in the SnackMagic team for creating exciting videos and sending loads of pictures. We are so proud of our boxes, and make these videos, which have traditional Spanish music added, to show how we pack our boxes, how we work as a team, and this got us featured on SnackMagic’s Instagram account. Against all odds, along with SnackMagic and our “we do not give up” attitude, we were able to grow our new business, despite being in a pandemic. We love what we do, so we are very pleased to be working with such a well-organized enterprise and cannot wait to see what the future has in store!


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