Top 9 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Blow your Partner Away

Are you trying to think of the ideal Valentine’s gift for your partner, who lives with you, nearby, or overseas?

We’re here to offer 9 romantic examples, including Valentine gifts for him and Valentine gifts for her. These suggestions will be helpful whether you live with your significant other or they’re living abroad. 

1. Valentine’s Gift for Him When You’re Living Abroad

We’ll first offer an idea for Valentine’s gift for him when you’re overseas. After all, love from afar can be incredibly difficult, especially when you’re trying to purchase gifts for him that let you know he’s on your mind. 

Say you’re living in Ireland. 

Sending your handsome beau one of SnackMagic’s Ireland Curated Stashes will offer a sweet, loving taste of your day-to-day life. Whether our Essential Self Care stash or our Irish blast stash–to name a couple of options–your boyfriend or husband will appreciate you sharing a piece of Ireland with them. 

2. Valentines Gift For Her When You’re Living Abroad

Traditionally, when you live under the same roof or just down the road, gifting can be less complicated.

However, Valentine’s gift for her when you’re living somewhere like Spain can be trickier. It should make your girlfriend or wife feel like they’re right there with you. 

Your partner already misses you so much, and every time she takes a bite of–let’s say–a Dolce Cookie from one of SnackMagic’s Spain curations, she’ll think of you fondly. And being associated with something sweet, sophisticated, and delicious is the sign of a successful Valentine’s Day gift. 

3. Valentine Gift for Boyfriend or Husband With a Sweet Tooth

The difficulty of buying gifts for your husband or boyfriend is an illusion. Because, just like you, he has a sweet tooth, and appealing to those tastes will win Valentine’s Day. 

To that point, whether your boyfriend or husband is living close or far away, their hearts will melt after receiving any offering from Amanda’s Macaron selection. Simple as that. These French delicacies are so delicious, light, and flavorful that American’s have adopted them as their own.

4. Valentine Day Gift for Husband

When we think of husbands, the term “distinguished” comes to mind. And when we hear the word “distinguished,” aromatic spirits pop into our heads. 

Of course, delicious whiskeys and scotches aren’t for every husband. Your spouse might not love spirits, and not everybody drinks. But for the husband out there who enjoys three-fingers of good whiskey–neat or on the rocks–check out these 5 perfect whisky gifts as detailed by Forbes.

Pro tip: any of the Whiskeys discussed in the Forbes article would make excellent birthday gifts for him, too (as long as he drinks and enjoys spirits). 

5. First Valentine Gift For Boyfriend

What makes for the perfect “first valentine gift for boyfriend” material? It’s an important question. After all, you only get one first chance to melt his heart.

First and foremost, you can make things more meaningful with our international boxes. 

Think about it like this: If you live in North America with your boyfriend, know that immigration from another country is part of your ancestries

Specifically, your boyfriend has international roots, whether he’s 1st generation or 5th generation American. And if he was born somewhere else? Even better.

You can tap into your boyfriend’s ancestry by purchasing the appropriate box from SnackMagic’s International menu. Beyond the selections we’ve already discussed, we’ve curated stashes from India, South Africa, and more! 

This type of personal gift shows you’re paying attention. And it guarantees you’ll have more than just one incredible Valentine’s day with your boyfriend. 

6. Valentine Day Gifts for Girlfriend

We’ll keep this simple and sweet; food is the way to any woman’s heart, making it our #1 “Valentine gift for girlfriend” suggestion.

You could potentially whip up an intimate meal (using one of these romantic recipes). 

Or, you can remove all margins for error by purchasing something from SnackMagic’s Zotter Chocolate selections.

Need proof that chocolate is the way to go? Studies show that women are genetically predisposed to craving chocolate. That’s why it’s such a time-honored Valentine’s gift. 

7. Valentine Gifts For Wife

You’ve probably already showered your wife with gifts on her birthday, Valentine’s day, and during the holidays. As such, coming up with inventive, intimate Valentine gift ideas for her is incredibly tough.

So, why not capitalize on what we discussed in the previous section, and win your wife over this Valentine’s day with delicious food?

But don’t just choose any food. Choose from SnackMagic’s diverse international menu to spice things up romantically with exotic selections.

8.  Valentines Day Decoration

This tip applies to boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives. Whether you’re living with each other or are separated by an ocean, decorations can set a romantic mood come February 14th. That notion rings true whether you’re having an intimate in-person dinner or a virtual night of romance over Skype or Zoom.

(Check out some amazing Valentine’s Day decorations by clicking here.)

9. Romantic Getaway

Getting restless because of COVID? Or do you just need some time together after living in different countries for so long?

Either way, organizing a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day to any of these locations will etch your name in your partner’s heart forever. 

Now you’re ready to play the role of hero this Valentine’s day, with gifts that cement your love, once and for all.


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