So you’ve just received SnackMagic as a gift. Thank the snacking gods that you work for such an amazing company that would treat you to your own snack stash! Congrats! By the way, not sure if you know this, but you’ve just gained access to the world’s largest vending machine. I know. It’s a lot to take in, but don’t panic. You’ve made it to the SnackMagic blog, so you’re in the right place for seeking some guidance. Before you become completely overwhelmed by our ever-changing menu, why not have a look at our curated stashes? That’s the perfect place to start when you need some suggestions. Our team of expert tastemakers has put all our brands through a rigorous process backed by data to show you the most satisfying treats first.

After browsing through our curated stashes and menu, you might find the pressure building as you see that tiny little budget number decrease. As they say, “it’s not over ’till it’s over,” so don’t compromise your taste buds just because you have a Zoom call in .04 seconds. You received this snack box so you can curate it with products YOU like, so why not make it count? With our menu filter, you can reveal all our products under a certain dollar amount, making it a lot easier to order.

…Still not making things easier? (I know, our prices are pretty insane). Well, that’s okay, because you’ve clicked this blog post with hopes we’ll do all the thinking for you. And guess what? Ask and you shall receive. Here are our team’s favorite products to add to your stash when you only have $1.50 leftover in your budget:

Hal’s Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips

A timeless classic crunch for over 50 years. Always satisfying with a bodega sandwich.

Belgian Boys Dutch Caramel Stroopwafel

Belgian Boys Stroopwafels are made in the Netherlands honoring their national heritage. This treat is defined by two crunchy waffle cookie sandwiching a layer of gooey caramel.

Hipster Tiramisu Honey Butter Almonds

A crunchy almond coated with the delicious flavors of honey to give every bit a delectable taste.

Colt’s Chocolate Bumble Bee

Layers of buttery salted caramel and crisp premium pecans covered in luscious chocolate.

Numa Foods Caffeinated Coffee Nougat Candy

Numa’s coffee flavor is made with real coffee and boasts as much caffeine as an espresso in one serving.

No Bull Just Flavorful Marshmallow Bananas

These gluten- free flavorful marshmallow bananas dipped in dark chocolate are unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Think Jerky Original 100% Grass-Fed Beef Stick

For all you meat-lovers out there, Chef Sohn’s recipe combines savory beef with a hint of pepper for a modern twist on an original flavor.


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