From $0/day in April 2020 to $20MM Annual Run Rate by December 2020, this is how SnackMagic launched in just 2 months. 

This is the story of SnackMagic. In this series, our host, Greg Travers sits down with SnackMagic’s team, advisors, and partners to learn how we went from making $0/day in April 2020 to $20MM Annual Run Rate by December 2020.

Catering primarily to WFH employees and virtual conference attendees, SnackMagic is the only 100% customizable snack box service. Doing business both domestically and internationally, SnackMagic helps create a sense of community for remote teams that are feeling isolated from each other.

With a huge menu featuring a variety of unique products from niche brands, SnackMagic is the hassle-free corporate gifting tool that provides an interactive experience that generates organic conversation between employees, eliminates the need to collect home addresses and taste preferences, leaving it up to employees to curate their own snack stashes and have it delivered right to their home, anywhere in the world!

Follow the story in our new video series: The Story of SnackMagic. Episodes will be released every Monday.

Stay tuned for Episode 1: Pivot that will be live on 1/11.


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