From $0/day in April 2020 to $20MM Annual Revenue Rate in December 2020, this is The Story of SnackMagic Episode 2: From Idea to First Order in Just 3 Weeks. 

“A 30-day sprint to launch? I mean – that just doesn’t happen!!!”

or does it?

In this episode, we take a peek into how SnackMagic launched in just 30 days. After deciding to pivot from STADIUM to SnackMagic, the team scrambled together to build and launch the snack box gifting platform. Everything happens in 3 weeks: product definition, building the first MVP, onboarding partners, building a new brand, and setting up hub operations for our new business. 

The Story of SnackMagic EP3: Rapid Learning will be released next Monday 1/25


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