For all your virtual happy hour needs, SnackMagic is your one-stop-shop.

As more team leaders seek out new ways to keep employees engaged and connected, virtual happy hours take the main stage. A timeless recreational activity that once took part during after-hours in the office is now filled with limitations due to everything being virtual now. Planning a virtual event is not nearly as easy as planning a virtual event because it’s difficult to get people to come (even though everyone is at home), and it’s difficult to get people excited about it. Moreover, many team leaders don’t know how to facilitate an engaging event when not everyone has a bar cart on hand, ready to get to mixing. 

What if there was a one-stop-shop for sending virtual happy hour kits, pairing snacks, and even have the ability to brand the ordering process? Well, look no further, because SnackMagic is your solution. With a menu of over 500 unique snacks and beverages, SnackMagic is easy to send out and even easier to enjoy! 

Our menu is carefully curated by our master Tastemakers with several products you won’t see in your local grocery store. All you need to send a snack stash is an email. That’s it. No scrambling for addresses. Plus, recipients can build their own snack stash with any products that catch their eye, so this is the gift that will be appreciated. 

To make the gift even more personal, we’ve even provided the option to brand the entire ordering experience for your recipients. You can add customized swag to each box if you’d like, and if you’re planning a virtual happy hour, wouldn’t it bring joy to your employees to make their cocktail in a glass with your company logo on it? Maybe you’d rather add a custom sticker to the box instead? Or you can go all-in by branding the ordering experience from the moment they receive their redemption email, all the way through to the ordering page. 

To make virtual happy hours more accessible, we’ve recently added four brands of handcrafted cocktail mixers, so your attendees won’t feel excluded when everyone else is crafting professional drinks from their handy bar carts. Instructions? Just add alcohol. Everyone will have a chance to play bartender and to make it even more interesting, maybe challenge everyone to make their own rendition of the same cocktail. 

Check out these four cocktail mixers now available on the SnackMagic menu and get started on making your perfect virtual happy hour a reality: 

1. Swoon 

Swoon creates beverages that reflect your favorite flavors by combining a love for the classics with a commitment to plant- based ingredients, delivering delicious, refreshing drinks that always taste great. Unlike other zero sugar drinks, Swoon doesn’t use artificial sweeteners or ingredients to achieve great taste. At its very core, Swoon is about celebration. It’s about focusing on your friend’s birthday toast instead of focusing on how much sugar is in your glass. It’s about having a second can of lemonade on a hot summer day, just because you can. Swoon is available on the SnackMagic menu in flavors:

  • Cucumber Mint
  • Margarita
  • Ginger Lime

2. One Part Co.

One Part Co. (1pt) was founded by design entrepreneurs Andrew & Anna Hellman in 2017. Based in Norwalk CT, the company is rooted in a simple core belief: it should be easy for anyone to make a great drink at home. Their range of all-natural 1pt Infusions quickly combines with the spirit of your choice and a few kitchen pantry ingredients to create simple bar-worthy cocktails that you’ll be proud to share with family and friends at home. Cheers! One Part Co. is available on the SnackMagic menu in flavors:

  • Mulled Red Wine
  • Smokey Winter Margarita
  • Bloody Mary

3. Splash Mixers

Believing that you should spend more time enjoying your cocktail than making it. Sourcing out natural ingredients that are always in season. Believing healthier and great-tasting make a perfect pair. Splash mixers are delicious, natural, low-calorie cocktail mixers that simplify the art of making the perfect cocktail – every single time. Easy to make, fun to drink, and pair perfectly with your favorite spirit or sparkling water. your spirit has met its match. Splash Mixers is available on the SnackMagic menu in flavors:

  • Mojito
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Margarita
  • Bloody Mary

4. Toma Bloody Mary

If you believe a Bloody Mary should be spicy, then Toma Original hits the mark. Handcrafted with sriracha and a chipotle tomatillo sauce, it has a peppery, savory, and slightly smoky flavor profile with just the right amount of heat. Award-winning, small-batch, and crafted with good-for-you ingredients, Toma is all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan. Two servings per bottle

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