Loading up the kids in the car for a soccer game, rushing out the door to work 10 minutes behind schedule, tailgating on an empty stomach; what are all these scenarios missing? A delicious crunchy corn snack by Love Corn! 

As the UK’s first premium dry roasted corn snack, it’s great as a grab-in-go snack when you’re in a crunch for time. Brighten up your day and make it a savoy addition to your lunch box. Take it a step even further and get creative with your salad toppings!

Love Corn is on a mission to become your favorite snack, one kernel at a time. Their delicious roasted corn is packed with flavor and made with love. Popularized in the Mediterranean & South America, they’re trying to fill the gap for savory, healthy & crunchy snacks. The company believes that “delicious food can change eating habits.” Rather than eating empty calories, this low-calorie snack has protein, good fibers, and good carbs.

Not to mention Love Corn is also gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and sugar-free!

What more could you want out of your snack time? Pick from three flavors: sea salt, habanero chili, and smoked bbq and ditch the Corn Nuts. 

Pairs well with…

SnackMagic customers love snacking on Love Corn with these:

  • Boylan Craft Soda: Root Beer 
  • Glendee Mixed Fresh Fruit Vacuum Fried Chips
  • Karma Nuts Lime Twist Wrapped Cashews
  • Hilo Life: Really Ranchy Keto Cheese + Nut Mix

What should we stock next?

Have a favorite snack or beverage brand you’d love to see on the SnackMagic menu? We’re always looking for unique and tasty new products. Comment here or send us a message for recommendations. 


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