It’s Snack O’clock!

We continue on our monthly spree of sharing the joy of snacking with people around us. By sending anyone a snack stash, a SnackMagic organiser is helping us make a difference. For snack stashes gifted, SnackMagic donates a portion of the snack to those in need. 

In the 3rd round of Snack & Give Back that started early this year, we gave out 10,000 awesome snacks. It included the distribution of snacks at elderly people’s homes, leprosy shelters, and vocational rehabilitation units for the mentally and physically challenged. The idea is to spread the cheer & happiness of gifting

A big shout out to our local partners in Vadodara, India for their support and enthusiasm to spread smiles. Here is the list of places where donations were made

“The heartwarming smile & gratitude on the faces of recipients is something we look forward to each month with SnackMagic and our newly made friends. Please keep up the great work!” – Usha Kapadia, local partner – Snack & Give Back, India

Hip Hip Hurray! It’s Snack-o-clock for us 🙂
Snacks handed out to GACL Education Society 
Snacks handed out to GACL Education Society 
Snacks distributed to Leprosy Homes
Lunchtime munchies at Elderly Care Homes
Snacks for those who care and nurse the elderly at old people shelters 
Children at Seva Tirth rejoice in their monthly visits with the SnackMagic local partners with lots of stories & smiles to share!
Tastefully hand-picking snacks that would spread cheer to the recipients 
Chocolate cake, and some yummy salty snacks to suit the Indian palette
Collection Centre

“Everyone I know is looking for solace, hope and a tasty snack. …😀😀. Thanks for providing it all to our Elder Buddies.” was quotes Minu Hirode, Founder Circle of Care by Lagni Foundation, Trustee Shree Ananta Charitable Trust.

Shaunak Kothari, Trustee Shree Ananta Charitable Trust quotes “Very few things in life match the thrill and excitement of opening a pack of snack when you are hungry. It was great to see that same excitement on the faces of our elderly beneficiaries. We are glad we could be a part in bringing that smile on these ‘young faces’. “

Snack time for the elderly who can’t afford “chaai” and “nastho” (Afternoon Tea & Snacks)
Snack time for the elderly who can’t afford “chaai” and “nastho” (Afternoon Tea & Snacks)


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