We are all human. We can’t do everything at full speed without taking a pause to breathe. We value the privilege of taking a break with some good snacks and good company to break the day’s monotony. As part of the Snack & Give Back Initiative in Feb. 2021, we extended this cheer to daily wage workers in India. These individuals & families cannot afford tea time snacks and this felt like a treat!

Whether it be individuals working in the scorching sun on construction sites, street vendors trying to make a hard sale in the lockdown, or even daily wage workers….they received snacks from our local partner in India who discovered these sites and gifted them snacks and some respite. Gracious innocent smiles and twinkling eyes were earned.

Here are glimpses of people enjoying the little things.

A working mother takes a step to pause with some goodies
The Joy of Gifting
Handful of happiness with chocolate cakes & popular corn puffs
Family & friends, lunch boxes and snacks
Construction workers being handed out snack bundles
Break time to catch up with friends & family with some crunchy chips
Stepping forward to collect some treats. Come One. Come All.
Happy children with a Happy mother
Joy for the joy givers
Time for a Break


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