As the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds to put a hold on many things in society, organizations are forced to make their teams work remotely. While working from home sounds chill in theory, it comes with its own set of challenges for both employers and employees. With minimal interaction with the rest of the team, working from home can feel isolating. To keep up with their remote team, companies are organizing virtual get-together.

Virtual get-togethers can help remote employees develop a sense of community and shared understanding. It helps reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness and increase employee engagement. But it has been observed that many employees find the virtual team building activities boring and repetitive. In a virtual environment, you can not force your remote team to join, instead, motivate them.

So what could be the best energy booster for them?

SnackMagic! Yes, snacks can act as a common connection for your remote team. We know that employees enjoy complimentary goodies. Hence what could be better than this to bond with them.

Along with a Zoom invitation, why not send your remote team a SnackMagic invitation link to prepare a snack stash of their choice. This gesture will show that you are treating your team right. They start by adding their favourite snacks and enter their shipping addresses. Then, their snack box is delivered right to their home office. Now, your remote team has snacks to enjoy while attending the virtual get together. Awesome, right?

Believe me, they will be super excited to bond over what they have chosen for their boxes.

To make the virtual get together stand out, you can also send custom company swag. Yes, SnackMagic lets you send the swag inside the snack box! T-shirt, brochures, hats, bags, etc. You ship the swag to our warehouse, and we will do the rest. This way, your team can show up in style at the time of virtual get together.

You can even get the snack box customized and have ample flexibility with different branding points along the ordering process. 

Now if you are worried about the different preferences of your team, never fear, SnackMagic has munchies to please the masses. Whether your employees are vegan, sweets-obsessed, keto followers, chocolate lovers, health nuts, or discovery-oriented, they’ll all find loads of snacks and beverages they can’t wait to try. 

So, why make your virtual get together boring and generic when you can make it interesting with SnackMagic. To start order of snacks for virtual get-togethers, book a call with us.


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