Are you hosting an online conference, meeting, workshop, or other virtual gathering? Confused what gift would be best for your attendees? Gift them Snack boxes. Yes, It has been observed that snacking keeps attendees active and hence encourages creativity and fresh ideas.

SnackMagic makes the perfect gift for attendees, whether you’ve got 5 or 5,000. We take care of logistics and make fulfillment simple, no matter how large your event. 

Here are a few highlights that would help you select SnackMagic as your virtual event snack and swag partner

  • Ability to include conference material in the box
  • Quick and simple setup for any number of attendees
  • Order links can be shared with your attendees with conference agenda
  • Orders can be timed to arrive by a specific date
  • Real-time tracking dashboard for all orders
  • Snack Giver Guarantee (only pay for orders that get redeemed)
  • Branded 1-pager with a personal message can be included inside the snack box (you upload it, we’ll print and package it!)
  • Detailed, itemized receipts for your accounts team
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Auto reminders for unredeemed orders
  • For SnackMagic to arrive by a certain date we recommend starting your order at least 20 calendar days before the event date to account for shipping and time for guests to make their selection.

SnackMagic is the perfect virtual event swag. Book a quick call with us to know more about us. Or drop us an email at


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