Get those resolutions going!

2021 has arrived and we are all looking forward to achieving our full potential this year. For those of you who are looking to start the year off with some old fashion cardio or just a more healthy lifestyle, SnackMagic has a HUGE section of our menu devoted to wellness and functional products. These are the goodies that will get you through that extra hard exercise routine because they are jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants to keep your muscles fueled up throughout your workout. Not to mention they provide immunity support so you can stay happy and healthy all year long! Here are the best wellness shots to add to your snack stash to create the ultimate wellness experience.

1. Hana Tonic Ginger Cayenne Shot

Hana Tonic is a one-of-a-kind natural shot for relieving nausea, improving digestion, and promoting overall wellness. It’s made with a delicious blend of ginger, lemon, pineapple, b-vitamins, and a kick of cayenne. Certified organic, packaged in premium glass, shelf-stable (no refrigeration needed!). Low sugar, low calorie, non-GMO. Discover why everyone calls us the best-tasting ginger shot!

For Best Results:  Take at the first sign of motion sickness or morning sickness. Can also be taken as a daily wellness shot to help you feel great on a regular basis.

2. AllWellO Organic Cold-Pressed Turmeric Shot

Focus on creating healthier habits and living a more active lifestyle with AllWellO organic turmeric shots that are rich in natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Everybody lives busier life than ever before which means it’s important that you keep your muscles, joints, and body feeling balanced inside and out. That’s why they developed premium AllWellO cold-pressed beverages like your USDA organic and Fair-Trade certified Turmeric shot. Formulated to help you keep living an active, healthy lifestyle, with a natural boost that can relieve joint pain, stiffness, and PMS symptoms or migraines. All so you can keep living life, working hard, and spending time with friends and family with more energy for the day ahead.

3. Dose for Immunity

Challenge conventional better-for-you products with Dose. Dose looked at the healthy beverage and alternative medicine category and noticed that there was a lot of misinformation regarding better-for-you products in the stores and online.

Finding out that it’s challenging for brands on the market to deliver effective products because they lack sufficient dosage of active ingredients in a potent format. Dose aims to communicate to the consumers that the real benefit lies in the efficacy of natural herbs. Each ingredient in Dose is in the optimal level of quantity and delivers a punch that is vital to helping the functionality. Working with their scientific team with over 15 years of experience, Dose is setting the right standard for better-for-you products.

Building on the new standard, Doses are clean label – ZERO sugar, ZERO calories, glass packaged, and taste great!

4. Performance Tea Energy Reishi & Green Tea Adaptogen Blend

Say hello to your new daily drink. Energy is an instant powdered tea blend that combines reishi, green tea, and adaptogens that will soon be your new, refreshing alternative to your second cup of coffee. Or, give your water a boost with a stick pack of Energy to fuel you through a workout.

Energy combines powerful adaptogens that provide immune support and help reduce stress. Energy won’t give you jitters or leave you crashing in the afternoon like energy drinks or coffee.

Add these shots to your snack stash and start the year off right! 


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