Family and friends are there for you in every time of need. In these strange times, we rely on them for support. Why not show them how much you appreciate them with something special? Let them build-their-own snack box with SnackMagic. Whether you want to say Thank You or celebrate an occasion, a customizable snack box is truly the un-screwup-able gift. Sometimes, we don’t have a clue what could be the best gift for family and friends. For people with different interests and varying ages, there are so many ways to go with your gift. 

What if you could put the choice in the hands of the person you’re gifting to without just giving them a boring old gift card? Drop some credit in their SnackMagic Wallet and let them customize their own Snack Stash! 

With a wide selection of snacks and drinks from all over the world, your giftee will be immediately filled with excitement by just scrolling through the menu. SnackMagic has a variety of products for every dietary need or restriction. Whether it’s keto or vegan or gluten-free, they’ll be able to easily add it right to their cart. It’s different from other snack boxes because you get to choose the items you’ll actually enjoy. 

Definitely perfect for a die-hard foodie family member or friend always looking to munch, SnackMagic is a lovely surprise! All you have to do is:

  1. Buy the amount of credit you would like to send
  2. Send the link to redeem the credit to them
  3. They can start building their SnackStash right away
  4. No need to worry about their address, they can input it themselves

It’s truly the easiest gift you will ever give AND a gift they will actually use. Treat your vegan cousin, sweets-obsessed BFF, foodie uncle, or all of the above. They’ll all find loads of snacks and beverages they can’t wait to try. 

If you’d rather spend more quality time with your friends or family, instead of just sending them credit, why not upgrade your Netflix & Chill? SnackMagic offers a Movie Night Medley that you can instantly add all or some of the products to your Snack Stash. Make it a special night to remember!

Planning a virtual event with friends or family? Let SnackMagic cater the event! You can even send customized swag in your box to attendees, so if you’re having an Oscars award watching party, or a family reunion, or hosting a sorority meeting, SnackMagic’s got you with any type of added custom item you’d like. 

So don’t spend any more time trying to figure out a last-minute gift for family and friends or what they’ll like and not like. Bring some razzle-dazzle and send them the gift of SnackMagic! 


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