Fun and Easy Gifting Tactics to Increase Employee Retention

From improved morale to increased productivity, the benefits of retaining your current crop of highly skilled employees are seamlessly endless.

Consistency is absolutely crucial to a profitable and productive workplace. When you can count on the same team turning up to put in a high-level effort every day, you all but guarantee long-term success for your organization.

Employee Turnover Hurts Your Business 

"Now Hiring" sign on a grass lawn

It costs 20% of an exiting employee’s salary to recruit, hire, and onboard a replacement talent. From there, the hiring process requires another 36 days.

Turnover numbers throw a wrench into your brand’s overall consistency. You end up having to train people and show them the ropes constantly instead of being productive and driving sales. 

While big businesses can deal with those costs, smaller companies don’t have the luxuries of unlimited funds and tons of time to get back on track. Increasing employee satisfaction should be top of mind. The most cost-efficient and fun solution is offering your team custom gift boxes.

Gifting Increases Retention and Work Satisfaction 

While there is a long list of things you’ll need to do to increase employee retention, you’ll shorten that list with the power of gifting.

Whether trendy alcohol gifts, personalized gifts, custom gift boxes for him, custom gift boxes for her, or just a plain-and-simple thoughtful gift box, it can make a huge difference. 

As far as companies that offer custom gift boxes go, you can check out Boxfox. However, provided you’re focused on delicious snacks, a fully digitalized branded experience, customizations (e.g., notes inside boxes), and potential swag options, SnackMagic is your answer. We offer exceptional gift options for physical workplace teams and employees just the same. 

Furthermore, since brand experience is a huge part of SnackMagic’s offerings, we provide options for decorative gift boxes with lids and custom gift boxes with logo designs. 

Okay–let’s delve into some helpful suggestions, shall we:

Great Ideas for Employee Gift Boxes 

A self-care box promotes employee wellness, focusing on clean and healthy eating. An option, such as SnackMagic’s Personal Wellness Journey stash, possesses delicious but functional items that will fill your employees’ bellies while keeping them focused and productive. 

Not only is this suggestion ideal for everyday purposes, but it’d make an ideal fit as far as employee birthday gift boxes go. The same thing can be said for almost all of these suggestions. Each makes a case for the ultimate in unique birthday gifts delivery.

Furthermore, like many of the suggestions to come, this option presents considerate gift boxes to send to friend and family.

Custom Gift Boxes 

Coworkers digging into goodie bags with snacks and sips.

Another benefit of SnackMagic’s snack boxes and stashes is they can be entirely customized by your employees. This way, you won’t need to figure out the perfect gift for each of your team members. Instead, you’re footing the bill so they can get everything they want, satisfying their sweet and savory teeth alike. 

Nothing says personalized like giving an employee exactly what they want, which you’ll do by letting them choose for themselves.

Custom Gift Boxes For Her 

Curating a spa package of gift cards for the women on your team will be greatly appreciated. From massages, facials, all the way to mud baths, you’ll boost morale drastically by giving the ladies on staff the gift of relaxation and pampering they deserve. 

Custom Gift Boxes For Him 

Universally, men tend to love some things in life, one of them being branded swag.

On the above note, we sell customized, branded swag options at SnackMagic. But there are more choices out there than just us. And as you curate your custom swag box for your male team members, you might find this detailed article from GQ will offer some inspiration.

You don’t want to generalize too much, though. Just like women, different men like different things. It’s important to take the time to get to know your team so that you can truly show your gratitude. 

Custom Gift Boxes With Alcohol

Watching a sunset with two people sharing a beer.

Gifting team members with wine, champagne, spirits, or beer is tried and true as a gifting method for employees when it’s time to celebrate.

So, custom gift boxes with alcohol or an alcohol gift basket delivery can play a massive role in maintaining your sky-high team morale and retention. 

Know that there are alcohol gift sets for her and him, so be very specific in how you curate these boxes. For instance, Wine Insider offers a mixed case of reds, whites, and rosés for the female employees in your office. While many men would enjoy this gift, a safer bet might be a gift set of various craft beers.

Be mindful, while alcohol is an ideal way to celebrate workplace accomplishments, not everybody drinks and shouldn’t feel pressured into doing so. So, do some digging and figure out if alcohol-based custom gift boxes are an ideal option.

With these suggestions, you’re set to retain your supremely satisfied, high-performing team for years. 


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