The treats in this Happy Hour Medley are essential for your next virtual happy hour

This year’s turn of events poses a new challenge: how to keep employees close when we’re all so far. Virtual Happy Hours are a fun way that remote teams are maintaining their in-office relationships when everyone is busy maintaining social distancing. SnackMagic’s Happy Hour Medley is perfect for sending out to arrive on a Friday– our array of post-work libations that pair with leisurely weekend-bound vibes. Upgrade from bar food and make your virtual happy hour something people look forward to!

Make your virtual happy hour even more personalized by adding branded cups to each box for your attendees to enjoy their drinks in style! Check out these delicious treats that are great to pair with your favorite cocktail:

TOMA BLOODY MARY MIXERS Bloody Mary Mixer – Original

If you believe a Bloody Mary should be spicy, then Toma Original hits the mark. Handcrafted with sriracha and a chipotle tomatillo sauce, it has a peppery, savory, and slightly smoky flavor profile with just the right amount of heat. Award-winning, small-batch, and crafted with good-for-you ingredients, Toma is all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan. Two servings per bottle. Recommended mixing instructions: 4oz Toma / 1.5oz spirit or you can add seltzer for a delicious mocktail.

CAPRI CHIPS Serrano Ham Spanish Style Wavy Potato Chip 

Italian & Spanish flavors, a unique Mediterranean Serrano Ham real flavor. A wavy crunchy chip. With flavors almost as rich as our history, we have a crisp flavor guaranteed to bring a smile on to your face.

CAPRI CHIPS Chorizo Flavored Potato Chips

Inspired by classic Spanish flavors, Capri has combined chorizo from the Mediterranean and fried egg. They both come together with a spicy touch for a real flavor. With flavors almost as rich as their history, they have a chip or crisp flavor guaranteed to bring a smile on to your face.

UNION SNACKS Pepperoni Charcuterie Crisps

Welcome to modern charcuterie…classic American pepperoni with a one of a kind crunch, these Pepperoni Crisps are uniquely satisfying. Whether on a charcuterie board, on top of a pizza or paired with a crisp IPA, unite & delight your taste buds with UNION Pepperoni Crisps.

UNION SNACKS Peppered Genoa Charcuterie Crisps

Welcome to modern charcuterie…classic genoa salami with a blast of pepper and a one of a kind crunch, these Peppered Genoa Crisps are uniquely satisfying.  Whether on a charcuterie board, paired with cold beer or glass of wine, or dipped in mustard, unite & delight your taste buds with UNION Peppered Genoa Crisps.

POSHI Steamed & Marinated Cauliflower – Lime & Paprika

The moment you open the pouch you’re greeted with the fragrant aroma of our Mediterranean herb blend. Selected florets of Cauliflower, seasoned them with tangy lime, aromatic roasted garlic powder and a hint of paprika, then tossed in the finest extra virgin olive oil. They satisfy your savory snack craving without the junk. It’s real, simple, food conveniently packaged so you’ll never have to reach for empty calories again!

SYMPHONY CHIPS Smoked BBQ Flavor Gourmet Seasoned 

Enjoy this bold flavored, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, all-natural, no-MSG, BBQ chips, with all the smoke and just a hint of tang.

SYMPHONY CHIPS Original Flavor Gourmet Seasoned Potato Chips 

Original flavored Symphony Chips for you to experience the melodic arrangement of seasonings.

GAVOTTES French-Style Mini Crepes Filled with Boursin Cheese 

Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, this light savory snack is a great addition to a cheese plate, as a crouton for soups and salads, or on its own!

GAVOTTES French-Style Wafer Bites Filled with Caramel

Crispy, tasty, and lighter than air: delicious as a stand-alone snack, with ice cream, or as part of a fruit salad. Wafer crepe rolls are filled with delicious caramel. 

GAVOTTES French-Style Milk Chocolate Lace Crepes 

For chocolate lovers, these luxurious crispy crepe wafers are perfect with coffee, tea, or simply on their own. 30 pieces per package.

SIMPLE MILLS Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers

LIKE a better-for-you version of “cheese” crackers, made with actual real cheese and simple ingredients to fuel you.

SIMPLE MILLS Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers 

THE ULTIMATE, everyday snack that fuels you – no matter what adventures the day has in store for you. 

ANCIENT PROVISIONS Cheddar Cheezish Cracker w/ Upcycled Banana Flour

The classic grain-free cheese cracker recipe turned upside down to create Ancient Provisions crackers to make them wholesome and delicious. They ventured outside the box and turned the classic cheese cracker recipe upside down. It all started with an unlikely ingredient. Enter green banana flour. Gluten-free item.

PRIMAL BAKERY High Protein Keto-Friendly Crackers

Primal Bakery Keto-friendly crackers are a great source of protein with 32% of your daily protein needs and 25% of your fiber needs. German premium ingredients, made in the US. Perfect for any occasion, as a snack, after sports, as a late supper with wine. In one pack of crackers, you will get 16g of protein, representing 32% of the protein you need per day. 7g of fiber, 25% of your DV. Only 1.3% (4g) of net carbs. No added sugar! No artificial flavors, preservatives or colors

GLENDEE Freeze Dried Crispy Grapes

These crispy grapes are made from 100% real grapes, perfect for that little pick me up in the late afternoon, or binge during a Netflix marathon!

BRAMI SNACKS Garlic & Rosemary Lupini Bean Protein Snack

For the first time ever, garlic and lupini, two of the most storied foods in history, have been combined into one delicious snack. This snack has 50% more protein than chickpeas, 80% fewer calories than almonds, and 0 net carbs. Perfect snack for: afternoon hunger, pre-dinner appetizer, salad topping, midnight munchies, healthy party snack, and more!

BRAMI SNACKS Chili & Lime Lupini Beans Protein Snack

Zesty, citrusy, and with a little bite, Brami’s Chili Lime flavor is a delicious, refreshing twist on their snacking beans. This snack has 50% more protein than chickpeas, 80% fewer calories than almonds, and 0 net carbs. Perfect snack for afternoon hunger, pre-dinner appetizer, salad topping, midnight munchies, healthy party snack, and more!

MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN 4 French Cookie Squares – Melty Caramel

A little French sweetness for your next coffee break? Think of these ittle squares, four squares to a bar;) An incredible very very crunchy shortbread pastry, golden just right, with 50% a delicious layer of caramel and 50% milk chocolate. You will melt 😉 


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