Looking for a tasty stocking stuffer? Add Colts Chocolate to your Snack Stash!

Founded in 1984, Colts Chocolate Company came from humble beginnings in Nashville, Tennessee. Original owner Mackenzie Colt put her hand to the creation of amazing desserts and chocolates. Her sweet treats soon became highly coveted by friends, family, famous musicians, and celebrities.

“Food and music were the only things I ever wanted to do,” is the way Mackenzie Colt explains how she went from being a “Hee Haw Honey” to owning her own candy business. “I grew up in a family where no one cooked. Sunday dinner was about the only home-cooked meal we ever had, so when I got married at fifteen, I started reading cookbooks like they were novels,” said Mackenzie. “Once I learned to cook it was time to start experimenting and making up my own recipes.” One of those made-up recipes became the now-famous Colts Bolts, the best selling product of her candy company.

Perfect as a mid-day treat or on the dessert table at your next holiday gathering, Colts Chocolates are a clever way to win someone over. Enjoy a true taste of Nashville with Colt’s assortment of delicious chocolates and southern desserts from the comfort of your home. Add Colts Chocolate to your next Snack Stash!

Check out the Colts Chocolate products currently available on the SnackMagic menu

Colts Bolt 

Milk chocolate and custom blended peanut butter, and freshly roasted whole almonds make the Colts Bolt medallion a taste of pure decadence

Marie McGees BumbleBees

Layers of buttery salted caramel and crisp premium pecans covered in luscious chocolate. Created as a delicious tribute to the inspiring Myrtle Marie McGhee, mother of Colts founder Mackenzie Colt.

Want to learn more about how Colts Chocolate is made? Take a look inside their brick-and-mortar store located in Nashville, Tennessee


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