Sharing the Joy of Snacking!

We continue on our monthly spree of sharing the Joy of Snacking in March 2021 by reaching out to corners of the world to spread some cheer. By sending anyone a SnackMagic snack stash, you are helping us make a difference. For every snack stash gifted, SnackMagic donates a portion of the snacks to those in need. 

Here are some heartwarming smiles from the elderly and underprivileged people who cannot manage their meals or snacks. These families reside in Rai pura village near Bhayli, Vadodara. Shout out to our local partner Lagni Foundation and Shree Ananta Charitable Trust, India for their awesome work and support.

A handful of happiness
Pouring smiles
Snack and give back. Smile and give back
Happiness is being the reason for someone’s smile
Residents of Bhayli village, Gujarat, India with their gift stash
Contagious joyful smiles
Happy times are here!
Snacks for the whole family


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