SnackMagic recently partnered with Rizq, a people-powered social exchange working to sustain human life to fulfill the true potential to create a #HungerFreePakistan. This was an extension of the ongoing Snack & Give Back initiative.

Dates are known to be a delicacy enjoyed on special occasions or only for the privilege of the rich. July month saw dates being distributed to over 200 families in Pakistan where SnackMagic adopted a foodbank in partnership with Rizq.

“Partnership with SnackMagic was different for us as it was aimed to bring joy on the faces of children. Our RizqRation is a program that aims at providing essential items to households but including dates, was a unique idea. A sweet that is full of nutrition was not only a surprise for our beneficiaries but also a little bundle of joy for children. Seeing them happily receiving their monthly food protection boxes is all that we need here at Rizq.” – Noor e Huma, Research Assistant, Rizq.

Here are glimpses of the activity…


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