10 Reasons to Have an Office Snack Box for Your Employees

The working week can be long, that’s a given. Even the smallest gesture to support employees can help them get through the week more easily and happier. Providing free snacks to employees may seem trivial, but this small act can have a big effect. The benefits can be infinite, so don’t underestimate the power of an office snack box!

Here are just 10 of the reasons to prioritize snacks in the office:

1. It’s a great perk

Who doesn’t love office perks?

It’s small things like workplace snack boxes that employees see as another perk to the job.

And the more perks there are, the happier employees are too.

It makes the job way more appealing and adds a positive spin to what can sometimes be a stressful working environment.

2. It boosts morale

Free snacks?! That’s a sure-fire way to keep up spirits in the office.

A hungry employee is usually not a happy employee. Food = happiness, it’s that simple.

We’re not talking about free biscuits and a handful of nuts. Think proper snacks. If you can show your employees that you’ve put a real effort into providing them with yummy treats, they’re sure to be encouraged and motivated during work.

Consider grab and go trays for the office, or bulk orders of your employees’ favourite snacks.

3. Lets employees choose

A great way to let your employees feel valued as individuals is to let them have a hand in choosing their own snacks.

Giving them the power to choose means that they’ll be even happier with their snacks. They’ll be able to choose exactly what they want AND any dietary requirements or preferences will be taken into account.

What’s better than that?

You could provide them with a customizable snack box in the office, or send them a build your own work from home snack box.

4. Promotes a healthy lifestyle

If healthy snack boxes are clearly available in the office it’ll encourage employees to take advantage of them. During a busy working day employees often don’t have time to even stop and think about what to grab as a quick snack, so make their lives easier AND take care of their health

If you take health seriously in the office by providing healthy snack boxes, employees will feel like you value their health and wellbeing.

Healthy employees mean happy employees.

5. Increases energy levels and productivity

If employees are left to their own devices, more often than not they’ll reach for quick snacks to munch on. These can often be unhealthy, processed foods that can actually do the opposite of increasing energy levels. High fat and salty snacks are the go-to, and that’s the last thing an already burnt-out employee needs.

6. Breaks up the day

Despite the guilt that comes with too many breaks at work, regular breaks can actually boost productivity. It’s been proven that getting up and moving around works wonders for a tired brain. Regular breaks allow time for employees to step back from their work and return with more motivation and creativity.

So what better way to encourage breaks than with delicious snack boxes for employees?

7. Saves time

How many times do employees leave the office to try and find a quick snack?

If there are snacks always available in the office, there’s no reason to leave and go on a hunt for snacks outside of the office. This can save loads of time!

Employees will also be able to enjoy their snack break more as they won’t be running around trying to find something on the go.

woman on her laptop smiling

8. It’s social

If your office is known for providing great snacks, that’s bound to be a talking point!

Discovering new snacks can create conversation:

What’s your favourite snack?

Have you tried …?

How about letting employees vote on their favourite snacks? That would make things interesting!

New and exciting snacks can create a sense of fun in the office that brings employees together and open up a space for communication.

9. Support employees at home

Snack boxes aren’t just restricted to the office. A sure way to let remote employees know that you’re here for them is to send them a snack box.

Snack boxes for remote employees are great for keeping a feeling of togetherness from afar. Employees will feel supported and comforted to know that you’re still thinking of them.

Consider sending them a surprise work from home snack box, or let them build their own.

10. Show that you care

Perhaps the most important reason to have snack boxes for your employees is to show them that you care. It’s all well and good having some cheap, basic snacks in the office, but that does nothing to show employees that you value them. Make it clear that you’ve thought about their needs and that you’re here to support them as much as possible.

Personalized snack boxes are the new water cooler!

So, go ahead and send send snack boxes to your employees today!


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