These cookies are literally fresh out of the oven

Ella’s Oven Cookies are bite-sized, sharable cookies baked using only the finest ingredients—quality in every bite. If you’re looking for the perfect dessert to share with your friends, these cookies are straight-up guilt-free decadence. These bakery-style cookies are crispy and satisfying, offering rich goodness in every bite. 

Ella’s Oven brand cookies started in the Ellison Bakery. With roots that go back as far as 1945, Ellison Bakery started as a one-man operation in the family garage in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Donald Ellis produced, sold, and delivered high-quality baked goods to restaurants and groceries throughout the area. As Ellison Bakery’s reputation for excellent products spread, the business outgrew the small garage. In 1965, the Ellis family commitment to quality and innovative products helped initiate a move to a new larger facility on Ferguson Road in Fort Wayne. After this move, Ellison Bakery also branched out and began producing cookies as well as crunch toppings and inclusion items for the ice-cream industry. This expansion beyond the Archway cookie business enabled the company to enjoy its largest growth period ever. 

Ellison Bakery plans to continue expanding its business by providing customized products that specifically meet its customers’ requirements. They now offer store brand and private label cookies to meet their customers’ unique marketing needs. With a rich heritage of baking the finest soft cookies available to retail customers across the United States, Ella’s Oven Cookies are created by skilled bakers and sophisticated equipment, capable of producing a wide variety of flavors and packaging styles.

Check out the flavors of Ella’s Oven now available on the SnackMagic menu:

Chocolate Chip 

Double Chocolate Chip

Birthday Cake

Salted Caramel 


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