4 Important Milestones to Celebrate your Employees with Corporate Gifts

Leading employment expert Indeed.com claims that celebrating workplace successes presents the following advantages:

So, when crucial workplace milestones come your way, you need to celebrate, and you need to provide corporate gifts that best fit the occasion.

Celebrating with gifts for employees appreciation and providing the best corporate gifts should be top of mind. And if you can figure out how to mix in some branded gifts along the way? Even better. 

Whether to offer luxury corporate gifts, corporate gifts for clients, corporate gifts for employees, custom corporate gifts, or personalized corporate gifts depends on the occasion. So, the topic matter below will dig into the milestones you must celebrate and the best corporate gifts for each event. 

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Two coworkers enjoying snacks during a productive work session.

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The above notion rings doubly true if your team has a taste for snacks and branded customized swag. Our items match perfectly with providing corporate perks and corporate benefits and gift ideas for employees on a budget.

Moreover, you can send customized notes in boxes, enjoy a branding digital experience, and choose from our menu of 1000+ snacks for both remote and in-office employees.

While not all of the following suggestions will be from SnackMagic, several will be–and your team members will be very appreciative as a result. 

Now let’s dig into the milestones worth celebrating:

It’s the Company’s Anniversary

Every year you remain in business should be cause for celebration, no matter what’s going on. The fact is, existing in a fierce marketplace and in a world that grows more competitive is worthy of some fist-pumping.

Furthermore, with an anniversary comes the chance to acknowledge and truly appreciate your company’s history while boosting employee engagement

Smaller companies have even more reasons to celebrate workplace anniversaries because the odds are really stacked against them. So, don’t get so bogged down by work that you can’t take the time to acknowledge this incredible accomplishment.

Gift ideas for your business’s anniversary:

  • We suggest customized swag, whether shirts, mugs, or gift bags, that specifically commemorate the occasion, all with your company’s specific branding.
  • You could also curate a gift box of wine or liquor so your team can celebrate with a toast over Zoom (or in-office, depending on where everyone is right now). Be mindful that not everybody drinks, so ask around to make sure booze is the appropriate gift for your team. 

An Employee’s Workplace Anniversary

Three young professionals laughing together during a work session.

Specific people deserve to be celebrated, especially on their personal work anniversary. 

Celebrating how long someone has been with your company, whether it’s 1 year or 30-plus years, shows everyone how much you value them. 

How you choose to celebrate this occasion depends on the employee’s position and the size of your company. For instance, a part-time sales associate a Wal-Mart might have to settle for a pat on the back after a year of employment. Whereas your trusted office administrator deserves some pomp and circumstance for a few years of hard work.

Gift ideas for an employee’s workplace anniversary:

  • Think of gifting a branded plaque and getting it engraved with a supportive, thankful message that shows the employee how much you appreciate them.
  • SnackMagic’s Snack Good, Feel Good Package will remind your environmentally-conscious employee how important they are to both the workplace and the overall sustainability of the world.

Exceeding Revenue Goals

Person enjoying a vista of clouds and mountains while raising a hand in the air to celebrate.

If your team reached their goal, it’s definitely worth celebrating. And if they absolutely crushed their revenue goals? Then you should pull out all the stops. 

Solid work should be acknowledged and commended. Excellent performance should result in serious partying and your long, thoughtful visit to a corporate gifts website.

Gift ideas for exceeding revenue goals:

  • Provided your team members really knocked it out of the park–and you can afford it–why not look into something extravagant like custom corporate jewelry? Nothing rewards excellence, quite like something shiny and wearable.

It’s an Employee Appreciation Day

We believe these special times of the year must be celebrated as a business triumph. After all, these role-specific holidays (Employee Appreciation Week, Customer Service Appreciation Week and others) can provide a much-appreciated pause from business as usual, and your team has probably worked exceptionally hard heading into a much-needed break.

As such, no corporate gifting proposal or plan should be absent of corporate holiday gifts. You could hand them out during the staff party or deliver these presents via mail. 

Gift ideas when it’s an Employee Appreciation holiday:

  • A personalized card should do the trick–throw in a gift card or two to really get into the spirit of things.
  • One of SnackMagic’s curated seasonal boxes will hit the spot and fit the occasion, as we choose our healthy, addictive stashes based on the time of year. 

Celebrating milestones with the appropriate gifts will ensure that your team ends up raving about working for you on their social media channels and to anyone else who’ll listen. 


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