This New Year, we’re rolling out over 10,000 snacks to children & adults across Gujarat, India. Our motto for Snack & Give Back initiative is Snack, Smiles, and Reusable Cloth Bags.

The following are our partners for January:

  • Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrushnan Girls Primary School, Gotri
  • Urja Bhavani Primary School, Baman Village, Anand District 388520, 
  • Shree sharia Palli Radha Krishna Primary School, Gotri, Baroda District 390021, 
  • Pujya Ravishankar Mahraj Primary School Gyatry Nagar Gotri, Baroda District 390021, 
  • Shree Baman Village Girls School, Baman Village, Anand District 388520, 
  • Pay Centre Group Kumar School Baman Village, Anand District 388520 
  • and a few others

Yummy snacks were hand-picked by our local partner in India. These delicious snacks are packed in reusable eco-friendly packaging to delight our recipients.  

Here are glimpses of the gifting fun:

Our local partner visiting the school bought hampers of cheer
Educating children of anti-plastic versus benefits of cloth bags and a happy tomorrow!
School just got a lot better with surprise yummy snacks.
Why should the daily workers en route to the schools be left out?

We would love to get your nomination for the next round of the Snack & Give Back initiative and continue spreading snacks & joy. Please share your nomination here.


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