Giving an appreciation message to the team is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their hard work and dedication to the organization. Because let’s be real, there’s no organization without the wonderful team of employees that keep it all up and running

This is why sharing your gratitude with a message of appreciation can go a long way. Basically, employee appreciation is good for your company’s bottom line. 

However, coming up with the right employee appreciation quotes to express your appreciation isn’t always easy. Sure you could buy a generic card with a cheesy appreciation quote, but that may be a bit cliche. Instead, think outside the box. Kind of like our marketing team did…

Marketing is obsessed with Henry Ford. Specifically his quotes. Literally, every time HR puts together a team appreciation message with the CEO, the marketing team tries to interject and insists on using a Henry Ford quote. They’re so enthusiastic about his quotes that they even put “There is no failure except failure to serve one’s purpose,” as the bio on our company’s social media pages at one point. Until the CEO made them change it of course. 

But this love for Henry Ford’s quotes inspired an idea. The marketing team decided that they would run a social media sweepstakes for the upcoming Employee Appreciation Day. They ran the sweepstakes on social media platforms and had followers post original employee appreciation quotes to their stories and tag our company. The winning quote would get printed on our latest Employee Appreciation Gift Box. And the creator of the winning quote would receive a curated gift box of their choice.

Appreciation Box

And so the employee appreciation quote sweepstakes began…

Inspirational Words Of Appreciation 

We got so many submissions, but none of them quite fit the bill. We noticed that half of them completely missed the mark and instead submitted appreciation quotes for colleagues or employer appreciation quotes. “Thank you for your leadership and vision,” was definitely a nice quote, it just wasn’t what we were looking for. 

And then our direct messages were also flooded with thousands of questions. People just didn’t seem to understand the sweepstakes. Those that actually did submit inspirational words of appreciation couldn’t be chosen as a winner – mainly because 99% of them turned out to be direct plagiarism. The other 1% just said, “Thanks for your hard work” or “You rock!”

How To Appreciate Someone For Good Work

Figuring out how to appreciate someone for good work is a process. Obviously finding the best words to show appreciation for hard work and dedication isn’t always easy. Whether it’s coming up with words of appreciation for coworkers or employees, finding the right words takes time and thought. But still, we were shocked at the complete lack of winning appreciation words for the team in the sweepstakes. That’s when HR decided to take things into their own hands.

HR noticed Marketing’s frustration at the pure lack of winning quotes being submitted for the sweepstakes. Marketing was at their breaking point and ready to just slap a Henry Ford quote on the Employee Appreciation Gift Box and call it a day (the CEO had to remind them that that would be plagiarism). So HR decided to come up with their own employee appreciation quotes.

Appreciation Quotes For Team Members

HR was on a roll with their quotes. They came up with everything from employee appreciation quotes for remote employees during Covid to employee appreciation quotes for employees that are retiring. We were absolutely blown away. Here are some of the staff appreciation quotes for employees that HR came up with:

  • Thank you for your dedication, consistency, innovation and enthusiasm. You’ve accomplished so much during your time at this company. Never forget how valuable your ideas and work ethic are!
  • Your unending hard work has led this organization to new heights. Your dedication does not go unnoticed.
  • Thank you for always showing up and bringing your A-game. The company’s success wouldn’t be possible without the spirit and energy that you bring. 
  • Your vision and innovation have paved the way for this company’s success. Thank you for all that you do!

The quotes were so inspiring that the CEO decided to give out these appreciation quotes for team members to each employee every week!

Inspirational Quotes For Employee Appreciation 

Out of all the inspirational quotes supporting employee appreciation gifts that were submitted in the sweepstakes, HR’s took the cake. They’d come up with quotes for team work, employee appreciation quotes during covid and hundreds of other poetically written appreciation quotes. It was truly amazing. 

HR ended up winning the sweepstakes and splitting the prize (though we did lose a few followers on social media because they claimed that the sweepstakes was rigged). After that, HR even went on to publish a book of quotes. Their latest publications are titled, “Quotes for the Working Parent” and “Quotes for CEOs.”


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